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  • Not sure how strict the ban is - I have some Russian friends back from Erasmus days who live in Russia and keep sharing their life just as they used to. Using a VPN to post some selfies from a road trip is one thing but your profile is out there on the internet but I guess if they don't post or comment anything "special operation" related, they're safe.

    There definitely is a bunch of bots forming the public opinion via social media, though.

    I'm quite happy with this recent thing going on with Finland asking Russians to sign some papers, condemning the war, otherwise they're not getting in.

    I dream of going to an extreme of this narrative and not allowing any entry to any Russian citizen who want to enter the EU (unless you're fleeing for good).

    It's beyond my understanding how can a person go shopping to Europe while their country is slaughtering civilians in a neighbouring country and on their TV any country in the west is portrayed as an absolute evil. Why come here then?


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