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  • Is it no longer possible to buy a uci approved tt bike off the peg?

    Was just looking at Cube Aerium earlier, there's definitely a UCI legal version. Pretty sure Cervelo P5 is legal if you remove the luggage, Look 796 Monoblade too, AFAIK. Check the UCI list, there are probably Trek, BMC, Canyon and Cannondale options.

  • To be honest it was canyon I was looking at as a value for money entry into tt (limited used options in Ireland), and none of their current offerings are uci legal.

    A guy I know can get ex team canyon and pinarello in October/November so worst case I’ll have that to fall back on, knowing they’ll be uci approved, but it would be nice to get hold of something sooner.

  • would be nice to get hold of something sooner.

    The way things are, you're probably not going to get a new bike by then anyway. Argon18 E118 Tri+ is reasonably priced and stickered, but I don't see any complete bikes in stock.


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