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  • Regarding the "blockade" of Kaliningrad.

    The transit through Lithuania is not blocked nor stopped.
    Only around 1% of transported goods are not allowed at this moment.

    It also was not a spontaneous choice and gradually it will cover more sectors:
    from July 10: Alcohol, cement and some other misc. stuff.
    from August 10: Coal
    from December 5: Oil and some oil related products

    So basically it really is nothing but a storm in a teacup yet Russia is milking the situation as hard as it can.

  • How are they supposed to manage in K√∂nigsberg without ruzzian vodka?

  • Can't imagine a single village without a moonshine production point so they should be fine but it's actually an interesting situation - those sanctions apply to export and now everybody here is discussing whether transit through Lithuania counts as export or not.

    And while every politic here was silent about it, Russians cried their eyes out, pushed somebody in Germany around and now somebody from the EU already proposed to make an exception for Kaliningrad and people here are going nuts that if we start making exceptions to Russia, it's just a matter of time until Russia makes some pact with Germany to exchange Lithuania for a gas subscription.


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