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  • In the same vein as Drn22’s question above, I am looking for a cheap steel commuter for a flat 3 mile commute, I’ve found a nice Dawes Super Galaxy for ~£325 but I’m hesitating over these top tube scratches shown in the attached photos. Hard to see much detail/depth of the rust, but the frame is potentially double butted 853. I’m not fussy about looks so I’d probably gently sand it back and primer>paint just that patch.
    Would anyone have any advice RE: severity of the rust damage based on these photos please? If a replacement tube is likely to be needed I’d probably look for a different frame to be honest.

    Link to likely frame (seller unable to be precise):­files/document/migrated/publication/2008­03062.pdf.

    Thanks in advance! C

  • Where are the photos of top tube scratches?

    If the rust is superficial I'd be more concerned about whether the builder sprayed some Frame Saver inside. ISTR Dave Yates told me that skipping this step is a major cause of early death of a steel frame. I have no idea whether you can assume an old Dawes has this protection, but there are plenty still around, so I would think so.


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