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  • Most of the aliexpress ones look quite big and heavy looking. Do like this tho as it's sort of got Honda Rukus vibes

    This is for my dad who's currently weighing up three options:

    1. Another standard Brompton
    2. An electric Brompton
    3. An ebike

    Storage is a huge factor as it has to go in the hallway, which isn't that wide. The bike also has to go up a small set of outdoor steps, so can't be too heavy to lift.

    My gut says that an eBrompton would be the best. But £3k! Especially vs £600-800 for a standard one. But the go bikes look like quite a good middle ground between all the options. Although they're not cheap either.

  • Could you get a Brompton and a Swytch kit (or similar)?

  • I bought my mum one of these. It is a brute but served a purpose (low step through and low handlebars) It also has a 500w motor and some good poke.


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