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  • Thank you, that gives me some comfort - I do usually like VeloSolo components but haven't seen something like this before. Chainwhip is definitely 1/8" specific, mounted dozens of other sprockets with the same tool. It works with the VeloSolo sprocket but only when the chain is completely wrapped around the whole circumference of the sprocket and tension carefully applied, I didn't have to engage the chainwhip so carefully with the others.

  • The following is just my observation - I can't quote any other authority for it.

    In olden days all sprocket teeth were pointed, including those on derailleur multiple free wheels. At some point (1950's?) it occured to someone that gear changing would be improved by removing those points and having flat topped teeth. This quickly became the norm for derailleurs, but single sprockets stayed the same, at least to start with.

    More recently some flat topped fixed sprockets have appeared, perhaps because the makers had only ever seen derailleur sprockets. It might seem that the chain would 'derail' more easily without the points, but I've worn out at least one of these modern sprockets without having any trouble - so maybe the points were as pointless as the flange under the teeth of some ancient chain rings.

    Or perhaps they are there to prevent chain whips from slipping !

  • Ha, good observation. Anyway the VeloSolo sprocket test ridden and it's actually lovely, ordered two more.


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