• Here:
    Went past at 08:30 this morning. The rider flat-out in the cycle lane. Both Police and Ambulance in attendance. Bike had forks cleanly snapped off so assume he’s gone into a car turning in/out of the road?

    The set-back give way markings on Hamilton Road are pretty worn so will speak to council about getting these repainted to make it more obvious to drivers they need to keep the segregated cycle lane clear.

  • I deal with that fucking path a fair bit (less so now I don't commute). Cunt drivers turn in and out of that without acknowledging the path in the slightest. Same goes for the one just further east. You really have to pay attention because it's almost guaranteed drivers will roll over you. More often than not I just stay in the road because that's where they (might) be looking and dive onto the path up towards the bus stop where it means you can skip a traffic light.