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  • With conventional racing apparently out of favour, here is a possible alternative:

    Course de Rene Fallet

    Monsieur Fallet was a journalist who loved cycle sport, but as a spectator and reporter rather than an actual participant; he also liked a drink. He was a friend of Raymond Poulidor whom he once partnered in a Gentlemen’s GP, but had to ask Raymond to push him on any kind of climb.

    In his book ‘Poulidor Intime’ Raymond reports the sole victory in his friend’s palmares. This was in ‘Les Boucles de la Bresbe*’ which was run under Fallet’s own special system, the rules were:

    • Absolutely no breaking away.

    • Obligatory halt at every bar on the course.

    • Speed not to exceed 10 mph.

    • All competitors to be weighed before the start and after the finish. The winner is the rider who
      has gained most weight (the one who has consumed the most in the bars).

    Are there enough English pubs still in business to organise such an event in this country?

    *Bresbe - Fallet's parents' home town.


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