• do something more lucrative but still with bikes.

    Honest question- like what? I don’t personally know any pro team mechanics but I do know people from F1, and to a man they said the pay was acceptable but not high, especially with the stress/hours/experience required, and that working with F1 cars effectively counted as a job perk. I’d suspect cycling is similar?

  • I’m thinking more along the lines of going self employed and doing it on your own terms.

    I did this for a number of years alongside my job and despite working not that many hours I was making the same as my full time salary doing a boring office job. I was buying secondhand bikes, getting them fully working and selling on. The other option would be to do servicing and repairs for other people. Or both. I rarely did servicing for others as it has a lot of associated issues where as the restoring type work is more controllable and I found it made more money.

    You need to be quite smart about how you work and efficient in order to make good money but it’s doable. You’re essentially doing the same as working in a bike shop only you have more flexibility and way more money coming in. Only downside if you’re not in to it is the self employment aspect and what goes with it.


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