• do something more lucrative but still with bikes.

    Honest question- like what? I don’t personally know any pro team mechanics but I do know people from F1, and to a man they said the pay was acceptable but not high, especially with the stress/hours/experience required, and that working with F1 cars effectively counted as a job perk. I’d suspect cycling is similar?

  • I worked with pro team mechanics a while. Depending on field (road/mtb) it’s stressful, not that well paid in the grand scheme of things. Way less technical than expected, and there’s a lot of menial work to do.
    Lots of exciting place, things to do and all, but it’s not the amazing job it’s hyped up to be.
    I did push me away from wanting to be a pro mechanic.

  • Way less technical than expected

    That’s interesting. I guess they mostly need to do the basics routinely, reliably and as fast possible? Can’t imagine they’re rebuilding wheels or facing bottom brackets when they can just get new components. Would be cool to solve some of the bizarre challenges they get though, like adapting shoes for wider feet (example of bizarre not cool).


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