• We've been having such an awful time with our Diva, who we only got from Battersea 3 and a bit months ago. She has had four general anesthetics in that time, two suspected but benign lumps removed, then ruptured her left cruciate ligament (thank god we didn't take advice not to get insurance). She was starting to slowly to recover over the last four weeks then, two days ago, she ruptured the other. It has just been awful luck but the feeling that I have done this to her is sickening. Here she is recovering and feeling good in the sun and here she is sitting in the back of the car waiting to go into the vets

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  • Really sorry to hear this, what have Battersea said about the issues the dog has been having? She's a beautiful dog btw.

  • Have Battersea stepped up? Pretty poor of them to wash their hands. How sad


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