• Anyone care to guess what’s under here ?
    I genuinely have no idea .i walked past it today , I’ll walk past again and update .
    My guess Lotus elan +2

  • Good call but minilites on a Fiat!!!!

    You seen the E30 blasted and in primer touring shell and the e39 M3 V8? engine.

  • God damn shits on modern dross.

    How did Bertone go bust ffs..

    Oh yeah. Engineering.

  • There is one of those gently rusting away parked on a nearby street. Lot of gaffer tape holding it together. A distant relative in the US owned one for a while in the 80s. Unsurprisingly he sold it on due to both rust and reliability issues.

  • Roof line defo echos this , but I couldn’t get past the minilites either .
    I went past it yesterday… no more reveal