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  • @scherrit. I'll certainly ask him, but wondered whether there were views on this out there that I had missed.

    What set me thinking about it was reading Jan Heine's book the other day. He was talking about how, because faster riders lean forward more, as more weight is supported by pedalling harder, they need longer reach than someone riding more slowly. For similar reasons, front suspension is more effective for faster riders as more weight forward, and rear (eg fat tyre, sprung saddle) more effective for slower.

    What struck me was that, on an ultra, I transition from one type to the other.

  • Don't we all, don't we all!

    I have out my saddle down slightly to alleviate knee pain also Achilles pain. But ultimately I think see a fitter who can accomodate for it. Also a fitter who will say if you start to experience X you can alter Y by Z. It's a fit widow not precise, so you need to know your room for adjustment before you cause bigger issues. Scherrit is really good, see him again and discuss this, I am sure he will help give you some ideas and tolerances.

    I would also maintain that if you're setup right to begin and are fit and strong, you should not need to move things. Perhaps consider working on core strength off the bike.


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