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  • I have trended to have to make adjustments to fit during ultras on the fly in the past as issues have arisen. For example I think that, during every ride of over 600km that I have ever done, I have lowered the saddle height. And a couple of times I have put my bars higher. But there are other adjustments I would like to have made at times but which were harder, such as a shorter stem.

    And doing it on the fly might be risky. On TCR 2019 one of the changes I made was to put my saddle back, which might have contributed to getting Shermer's as it made my reach longer and forced me to extend my neck further.

    I now think that, based on my history, it should be fairly predictable and am wondering if I could try to start TCR with my bike set up for how I am likely to want it to be on day 3 onwards, rather than for day 1.

    Has anyone else either thought about, or read anything about, how required fit changes as power decreases and fatigue increases over the course of an ultra? I'd be interested in anything that looks at this.


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