• It's YuMove - I know as I signed up for it this morning, also on the advice of someone we know in the park. Fingers crossed...

  • Yumove is good. Takes a while to help and a higher dose seemed to work better with my old arthritic staffy. Also worth researching Turmeric and CBD oils particularly as other less clinical options.

    Metacam/Loxicom (same stuff different brand) was the best though, but its hard on the Kidneys so have them checked first. My old staffy had an historic kidney issue (what got her in the end at 15) so couldnt take Metacam.

    Tried her on Tramadol which worked but its a strong opiate and it subdued her personality and sent her to dream land so stopped because felt even in pain her quality of life was better without as she could still appreciate her surroundings.

    Vet recommended hydrotherapy but as Airhead says, eye wateringly expensive...


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