• Sally has been limping a bit recently, and the vet's just diagnosed her with arthritis. She's a 9 year old medium-sized street rescue from Hong Kong with a bit of shepherd in her, and people often think she's a German shepherd puppy, as she loves a bit of chasing and playing.

    We've got the medication and hopefully she reacts well to it, but we're tremendously sad that our girl is going into managed decline just as we're about to move out of Ldn, and our ideas of years of long days of walking with her in the countryside seem unlikely. Obviously, not the end of the world, but sucks to know she's in pain.

  • (second hand advice)
    Are you using supplements?
    Someone in the park has an older dog that was less able-bodied, they started on youmove (umove/ youmöv ?) Dog joint pills and said it was massive improvement almost immediately.

    Obviously consult with a vet, etc. But might be worth a go?

  • It's YuMove - I know as I signed up for it this morning, also on the advice of someone we know in the park. Fingers crossed...


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