• With apologies for letting off steam here, I had an annoying dog owner incident today.

    Otto barks at other dogs on lead and we're trying really hard to train him out of it. This means that when another dog approaches we ask him to sit, move our legs to partially obscure the oncoming dog and get his attention with a high value treat.

    Anyway today, a dog was coming towards us so I got him to do the usual drill and the fucking owner pressed the button on their extendible lead and allowed their dog to come inbweteen me and Otto and try to take the treat!

    Otto went absolutely fucking bonkers as the other dog and the other owner told me to get my dog under control!

  • Absolutely feel your pain with this one. Training this is a nightmare, so many variables and a really difficult situation to control. For what it's worth we're having a load of success playing "find it" with chicken or tennis ball in long grass if there are other dogs passing - keeps Daisy properly engaged and she ignores the other dog


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