• I don't really want to ask these questions, but now I can't let the thoughts go:

    What's the correct placement (within it's travel) of a dropper seatpost when not in use? Should it be stored compressed or like a torque wrench uncompressed? (Edit: i sort of know the answer to this and therefore the next question is a leading question)

    And when taking photos of a MTB with a dropper where should the seat post sit? I've seen people slam it (@Dammit eg.) which I can't get my head around... Is that to show how gnarly it is? Or should it be fully extended to show actual amount of travel and rider fit? Obvs this doesn't actually matter but I keep thinking about it.

  • A few days ago was actually wondering what was going on with this Sterling...
    Weird seat height with a shitload of post showing. Looks like a 5cm dropper:(

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