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  • This video convinced me that maybe this isn’t all an elaborate troll.

    I do think it’s the stem transition thing that you see a lot of bikes set up to is what I’d expect to be the ‘way’.

    Hoods down maybe?

  • For me, it’s more about the bar angle to provide a comfortable drop position, then the hoods go where they are most comfortable for you. I wouldn’t move them down as it would rotate my wrist away from my body; I’d want my wrist angle to be as neutral as possible in the hoods, which may require moving them up a bit. Up to you (excuse the pun).

  • That makes a lot of sense - I had to move the hoods significantly to get them comfortable like so^

    I also tend to have the habit of a fully in the drops position and a in the drops but on the brakes position which confuses matters (I assume that’s normal). I’m going to tape up like this and see.


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