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  • Really learning a lot from this thread! Reminded me about Peak Torque's

    opinion on drop bar rotation.

    Here's my take on bdhu, comments and critics appreciated.

  • This video convinced me that maybe this isn’t all an elaborate troll.

    I do think it’s the stem transition thing that you see a lot of bikes set up to is what I’d expect to be the ‘way’.

    Hoods down maybe?

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  • For me, it’s more about the bar angle to provide a comfortable drop position, then the hoods go where they are most comfortable for you. I wouldn’t move them down as it would rotate my wrist away from my body; I’d want my wrist angle to be as neutral as possible in the hoods, which may require moving them up a bit. Up to you (excuse the pun).

  • Your set up looks fine in my eye!
    Also concur with snoops's opinion, top priority is comfort and brake accessibility.

    Great thread to explore different options, instead of blindly following popular practices that might not suit ourselves.


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