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  • Pre grind basically goes "stale" after an hour.

    I watched a James Hoffman video review of our filter machine (Sage) and in it he mentioned that it was a machine he used on a regular basis at home. He specifically mentioned that he often grinds his coffee the night before and sets the timer in the sage to have a brew ready in the morning.

    I know he's not exactly Infallible Coffee God but I just remember it being interesting to me that somebody who is a genuine expert on coffee was happy to pre grind their morning coffee the night before.

    To me, that indicates that I would personally probably not be able to taste a difference.and that if James Hoffman can, it's not enough to put him off pregrinding 8 to 10 hours early or so.

  • As usual, I'm in agreement with all that stuff you said. And until Sunday I'll be drinking coffee that has been ground this morning, plz send thoughts & prayers.

    On an honest note, I'd be interested in having an actual quantitive measure on staleness of ground coffee over time (or at least the impact on flavour). It does seem like there's nothing out there other than pure speculation, and with any hobby that people dump money into there's always going to be a bias against anything other than 'perfection'. Frankly I wouldn't be surprised if I get a few days in and the coffee still tastes the same. Heck, I'm not even filtering the water here!


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