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  • Whats the most out of date energy gel you've ate?
    Over the years I've ate loads that have been a few months past the best before date with no ill effects.
    I've just found a massive box of SIS gels in the cupboard that I don't remember buying.
    Best before date is August 2020.

    They are fine, right?

  • The fact that you can stomach an energy gel already shows you're capable of eating just about anything

  • They are fine, right?

    If anything really bad has happened to a gel, it will probably explode (bacteria living off glucose tend to release CO2)

    The things which will spontaneously degrade with just age (i.e. air-tight containment has not been compromised) are vitamins, so while your out of date gel probably won't kill you, you also won't be getting all of the advertised goodness.