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  • On the subject of instant, has anyone had a decent experience with any of the speciality instants? Have some camping coming up and can't be doing with bring a grinder/beans/some way of measuring

  • Not even specialty but I had some at a birthday party a few weeks back (daughter's friend's) and I definitely preferred it to the silly centrifuge Nespresso machine that's in my office.

    For reference this is the sort of stuff I'd genuinely rather drink than Nespresso:

  • I have tried a couple now. But I am in the U.S., so you won't be having what I had but my thoughts were:

    Still has that 'instant' aftertaste
    Didn't taste like the blend it was supposed to replicate
    Expensive af ($15 for six sachets)
    Needed more water than they suggested to get to a dilution level that replicated a 13g in > 250g out Aeropress recipe

    Would I use it again? Ehhhhhh, maybe? It was just about decent. However, do I think it was that much better than Nescafe Azera? For the price, hell no.

    I want to try Cometeer but I refuse to sign up for a subscription just to try a product and I think it only lasts for 48 hours outside of a freezer. Also, I don't take a stove when I go camping anymore, so I just take caffeine pills instead ¯_(ツ)_/¯


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