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  • Quick opinion check, for those of you who head off for a few days. What's your preference? Grinding a batch with a better motorised grinder, or grinding fresh with a basic hand grinder (Rhino/Porlex etc.)

    And another for those who do/did single dose. Do you think that the benefit of not leaving beans in an open environment for a while outweighs the variation in grind size you get as a result of 'popcorning' when single dosing? Looks like some grinders (like the Niche Zero), do a pretty good job of minimising that, though it's definitely noticeable on my Sette (not helped by the fact that the impacted grinds are always at the top of the pile.

  • I pre-grind. If I'm on the road or whatever I don't care if it's stale I'm not going to carry a grinder and it's still better than drinking hotel instant (which I will still happily drink most of the time because I've got nothing else).

  • To be fair, the reason I still keep my Porlex is because it snugly fits inside the Aeropress which is a pretty handy combo! I just can't find neither the Porlex handle nor the penta-hex adapter I pop on top to use with a drill/ratchet.

    But yeah, I can safely assume decent coffee ground a few days ago is still leagues better than hotel instant!


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