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  • The Pedal Club is a 'one of a kind' cycling club. Essentially it is a debating forum (and lunch club) open to people who have made a mark on the world of cycling. It is London based.

    I have been a member for some time*, and I have taken a few lfgss users along as guests.

    Rather than trying to give a full explanation of the club I'dlike to refer you to the club's web site, which will give you a much better idea of the club than I could here:

    I've recently started writing reports on each lunch meeting, and I intend to post links here ( unless you tell me they're too boring to be on lfgss)

    I'd certainly be interested in any feedback,particularly about the website.

    It must be admitted that Pedal Club members tend to be old, but in two of the three recent reports linked below our speakers have been right at the cutting edge: Victoria Hood is a passionate advocate of women's racing, and has strong views on the transgender issue, while Jeremy Ford's talk on African cycling came just a few days before an Eritrean stage victory in the Giro.

    Anyway, here are the last three reports:­e-the-pedal-club-lunch-may/­he-pedal-club-april-lunch/­edal-club-march-lunch/

    *I'm not at all sure that I'm really qualified to be there with the great and the good of cycling, but I managed to sneak in somehow without anyone examining my credentials too closely!


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