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  • After two weeks I must say, the folding bike works extremely well as a method of transportation. It also helps my peace of mind that I found a lovely route to and from the train station. It's very scenic.

    On the technical side, the bike works quite well as is, but I will need some modifications. I ordered a set of cheap ergonomic grips, will see how they work out, I've never tried these before.

    I am getting rid of the grip shift as well, ridiculously cheapo thumbie is on its way.

    And needless to say the stock brake pads are absolute rock hard garbage, so they are going to be replaced. The brakes themselves are mega flexy, but that's another story, I don't think I'll actually change them if it isn't necessary.

    Overall very happy with the purchase, but I am still drooling over Bromptons, I see so many of them it's incredible...


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