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  • Who is it that has the perennial cauliflower? What do you do with them when they stop producing so well? Online advice is to cut them back but is that chopping into the main stem or just cutting back some leaves? Ours all have really tall bare stem (about 2') with leaves at the top so if we cut off the top I'd be worried about killing it. Although some have branching lower down.

    It's all been more leggy and loose than I was expecting. Like the cauliflower version of sprouting broccoli rather than compact heads.

  • Yes! How long do you keep cropping and how do you care for it? We planted a few last year so this is their first productive year. They're super leggy and the flowers don't really make clumps, look more like sprouting broccoli. Read about cutting them back and also making sure to always cut the flowers off otherwise it seeds and dies? Also, absolute snail magnets, hundreds of the bastard things on each plant.


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