• Collapsible hiking poles! I need some.

    Purpose: Hiking, snow shoeing, ski touring, trail running. So basically they need to be sturdy all rounders. Weight not a massive issue in return for sturdiness. Especially as they are for a 97kg lump. I'd need them to have proper wide snow baskets, or the option to buy as an extra.

    My last pair, Fizan Compact 4, lasted about 28 weeks of actual use before finally crumbling beyond economical repair. To be fair, they got used as snow anchors for crevasse rescue a couple of time so they perhaps got more hammered than they should have.

    I'm looking at Black Diamond and MSR but wondered if anybody on here had any personal recommendations for some sturdy work horse poles before comitting...

    Edit: These are what I'm thinking of going ahead with https://www.elitemountainsupplies.co.uk/­camping-trekking-c4/trekking-poles-c37/b­lack-diamond-alpine-carbon-cork-trekking­-poles-pair-p122

  • I've found BD poles to be excellent. I just bought my mum some Carbon FLZ folding poles and they are also great. The metal locking mechanism is a nice touch, added to the fact you can get spare parts for it.
    I think that a ~500g, three piece adjustable set might get a bit tiresome for trail running, but it depends on the distance you're going and how many times you collapse them or extend them during a run.


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