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  • Where are you running it from?

    Firekeeper bonfire makes it a "straight" run, just ignore the sentinels.

    "Solaire" bonfire, you can take a running jump on the spiral staircase on the platform (might have the Titanite demon in a side room? its been a while since I played a full run)
    Run by the Silver Knight, up the stairs, turn around and run/jump over the edge. You need to dodge the arrow firing guy and the sentinels by the fog gate, but it is also a quicker way to the boss room without going the long way.

    Also if you haven't beaten O&S yet, Focus on one only as phase 2 gives the survivor full health again.
    (Ornstein first leaves the easier Phase 2 IMO)

  • Yeah I'm running from firekeeper bonfire, and it's straightforward but feels kind of long.

    I was trying from the solaire bonfire but I found the mental overhead of dodging the knight attacks more annoying.

    Yeah I'm focussing down ornstein, and it's mostly fine, it just takes long enough to get a safe hit in that I have to be really patient, so when a failed fight takes quite a long time tacking the boss run back on feels annoying.


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