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  • Leader 725TR 2009 58cm , this is my first fixie frame from back in the day. it hasnt been ridden for a longgg time, Repainted at armourtex, sitting on dura ace laced to velocity aeros w panaracer paselas, wound up forks, salsa stem, unknown bars and a hatta bb. I dont know what to do with it, maybe throw some sugs on, a seatpost n saddle n ride it how it is. Or just leave it. It has a very long wheelbase and the rear drop outs are not the best. Its hard to get certain axles through sometimes, just about fits dura ace axles. The original leader carbon fork fits 32mms and so does the rear. I remember it does have a slight problem fitting the old model of sram omniums, (spider arms touch the chain stay) and the original seat clamp bolt ripped the threads out the frame. (integrated seatclamp) other 725 models are known for cracking at the clamp but this hasnt happened... yet. i use a longer bolt with a nut but it still makes me feel paranoid of failure. Anyone got any ideas ?

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