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  • Cinelli mash bolt 2009 size xl, Sugino sealed bb, sug 75, AARN 49, thomson stem/seatpost, deda bars, flite, white industries track hubs on campy moskva rims, swapped the orginal fork for an alpina track fork off a write off dolan pre cursa. Original fork wasnt cut low but I dont want to cut it and the alpina fits perfect and i think it looks real nice slammed w no spacers.

    Favorite colour way, ive got rid of all the other mashes n kept with one. I used to have a size L, which was stolen sadly, Managed to find this in XL for a bargain in NYC in a local advertisement. I dont think the guy knew what he had, again lucky, ive seen them on ebay for 900+ The size L i had was slightly too small but in a good way, i had a layback post but it was super whippy and lightweight, the XL feels more like a fast road bike and isnt as light and whippy because its abit taller and has a longer wheelbase.
    but its still super fun doing fixie things, skidding and mashin. I would swap the frame for a size L if anyone has one.

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