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  • LOW// pursuit 2012 60cm, Built for @TM , sold to @DragunovCZ1, then sold to me shortly after.
    Duraace bb, sug75, 49 zen, salsa stem, deda piega bars, specialzed phenom saddle, thomson post, ck headset, alpina carbon weave track fork, old school time atacs, mack super light on dt swiss disc rims.

    I have had this for quite a while now, rode it all over the UK, and rode it around in Italy on holiday. Again, ive always wanted one!!!!!, but was hesitant because of the long waiting times and hike in price. I think i was super lucky to have got this one for a bargain when it popped up. The most aggressive geometry on any frame ive rode before. Its super stiff, light weight ,higher bb than the GTGTB, short wheelbase and the paint work is very durable. The rear drop out lost abit of paint, but its not bad. The paint is thick, almost like its plastic coated. I ride it on nice days but it has seen snow, rain, salt and grit. A proper fast track bike, the smooth welds are perfect, my fave frame i think.. Personally with a comfy flite titanium, long distances are dooable, but any other saddle, and it starts to feel rough because it is so stiff. Its currently without a chain because I dont like the set up atm, its not feeling too good so this has gotta be changed w something else

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