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  • i got addicted to building fast track bikes years back which got a bit crazy, I had too many bikes at one point, Casati, Rourke, Samson, All city bigblock, Bianchi super pista,Rush hour pro, Pagani, had about 3 affinity low pros, 5 cinelli mashes etc etc etc...... had to slim down on bikes as I had no room, so i sold almost everything over the last couple of years and now im done.
    sticking with just 4 bikes rn, maybe a fifth..
    5 projects, builds, bikes, fixies

    BMW Gangsta v4, hi contrast red, from Japan size L
    Flite, Sug75dds,AARN 47, Philwood slr/velocity deep v, panaracer GK 38mm thomson 120mm, nitto simworks sweep back bars, oury grips, mks sylvans, cadence double straps,
    The daily, work commutes, shopping trips and fun times, its got a slightly out of centre rear triangle (bad QC from factory) but speaking with a couple of frame builders who reckon they can sort it out.
    other than that, this bike can do it all for me rn, it does not feel out of centre but visually it is.

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