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  • The bearing is supposed to kinda be protruding but not alot, I think if you clamp down on the headset with the fork and stem installed it should click the red shim into place? Also there’s no paint on the inside only tiny bits of spray over but it’s covered in grease so you can’t really see. The nitromors will bring your bearing in more too

    Rear triangle out of centre but I ride it almost everyday. It’s more of a visual thing than feeling tbh

  • I don’t know why, but I took off all the blue paint to make the bearing sit deeper, but there was only a small layer, besides, if all the rings are inserted, then the height of our bearings is approximately comparable, but my top cover does not close, maybe it’s in it

  • It could just be that the top red crown is too tall. Try another low profile one as mentioned above. QC on the headsets are probs crap too. Mad cause they dont come with headsets or seat clamps, and they are very pricey for what they are.
    Its 2022 everything is expensive


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