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  • Lengthening a steel steerer - Is it generally safe to do if done professionally?
    Should a sleeve be added inside the steerer, behind the join between the new and old steerer segments?

  • My opinion, it’s fine.

    I have a couple I’ve done for myself and I did one for Mrs M_V to turn a threaded fork into an ahead.

    Guy I know that used to weld professionally, like nuclear power station stuff, says you shouldn’t even really need a sleeve if you’re welding it. A good, full penetration weld would be as strong as the rest of the tube.

    For brazing I do a sleeve. Think the wife’s one I did with silver instead of brass and it probably worked better/went together more easily but it’s going to be a lot cheaper doing it with brass.

  • I do it all the time. Have also done both brass and TIG. I always use machined sleeve. Makes it easier to get good alignment and you can turn the amps up for a solid joint


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