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  • Seems best place to ask, but anyone fancy a relatively simple Arduino/pi project over the next few days/weekend? My brother would like to make an LED lightbox flash in a morse code sequence. I've never worked on an electronics project like this, would love to get stuck in after looking over projects on Instructables etc, but I just don't have the time atm ...or the knowledge about the amount of power that will be drawing and the right type of board to use

    Can pay for your time, equipment, travel and expertise - I can put you in touch direct.
    The light box is in Hackney, just off Morning Lane, and looks like this. Deadline would be end of weekend/Monday (installation is Tues). Appreciate if anyone has any other suggestions. I've looked at programable LED banks, basic info screens, drop a monitor in with a gif animation etc, but seem a lot of cost/faff to install. Any thoughts appreciated.

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