• I've only just come across this thread. I don't know if my own experience will be useful but last year me and my friend Soft Gerald had a wonderful week cycling around in the mountains. We rented an e-tandem in Bourg Saint-Maurice (we only started there because it reminded Gerald of his old sparring partner Maurice 'twice nightly' Penfold) and took in most of the local climbs. I can't remember all their names now but they are on the map. I know one was the Col de L'homme Magnifique because we had quite the giggle about it.
    Anyway my advice would be to pack a nice lunch - the French, if you don't already know, are quite the dab hand with bread - and almost every village has it's own water fountain where the local toughs hang about and add an air of erotic menace to the day.
    If you get the chance do pop in to Elton John's Adult Soft Play centre in Huez, right at the foot of the famous climb. You can't miss it.
    I hope this helps.


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