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  • On a more serious note: it is clear that you set up your bars following some sort "aesthetics rule" saying your bars should follow the line of the stem. And if you by coincidence feel comfortable with what that gives you that's fine.
    But try rotating bars down and move levers up as suggested in this thread and you might find that your bikes can be more comfortable.

  • So I’ve finally read through this thread and understood exactly what you mean (thanks @snoops)

    People incorrectly angle their bars and adjust the hoods so that there is a smooth flat line transitioning from the bar the hoods.
    I guess a lot of people think it’s the correct way because it’s the most aesthetically pleasing(subjectively) way that you see on Instagram etc.
    I admit that usually go for a flat transition line from bar to hood.

    I was scared to actually go check and post it in public, but my road bike seems like it’s maybe not offending too much? I came to the bar position through having the aero tops being parallel to the ground. But I now see that the hoods could come up a bit?

    Looking at the gravel bike, it’s potentially criminal? Bars need rotated down and hoods come up?

    I ask that everyone please be kinda and not mention excess spacers on the road bike. Or the questionable bar wrapping on both.


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