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  • I've tried with other 25.4 seatpost but it doesn't fit at all even with the slot opened up with screwdriver when the slot lines is parallel, maybe it's like 24. something or 25mm size? I've ordered the 24mm seatpost for Peugeots when I didn't check if the frame is pinching down, because the original one that came with the bike was also 24mm. All information that I readed online about Peugeot size from 80's low tier bikes is 24mm. I need to find some 25mm post and try with it maybe.

  • With the bolt out, the slots straight and the seatpost in, there is a gap around the seatpost.
    It's the wrong size, no doubt about it.
    The seatpost should snug to the tube when it is open like that with the slot straight.
    A larger one may not fit in now as the tube has probably been ovalised or distorted by the over tightening on the small post.

  • If it's already deformed by using wrong seatpost, it can be fixed to slide the bigger seatpost or not?


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