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  • Hey, I've got a problem with seatpost slot pinching at the top when I'm tighten the binder bolt. I think measurement of the seatpost is good (24mm Peugeot size), because I've checked inner size of the tube, it goes in nicely and I think bigger size won't fit because it's already a tight fit with little bit of play, but when I tighten it down, the seatpost slot pinching at the top, so when I want to change the height of the seatpost I need to open it up with the screwdriver what is frustrating, because without it the seatpost won't move at all or be scratched a lot from the frame. I've tried with carbon paste, shim made from can but it's too tight to go in with a shim. I don't have any more ideas what to do with it. Some guy told me that I need to cut down the seatpost slot few mm down, but I don't know if it is a safe idea.

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