• Apparently the Sprint was easily the best TR7/8 variant, and they were going to go into production but they died when Speke was shut down, as this also ended the Dolomite's run, and without the numbers to keep the engine in production the plans were cancelled. About 50-60 prototypes and press cars made it out before the end

  • Thought the TR7 sprint was homologated for rallying? There are many more sprits around now than were ever made.

    I wanted to do the engine swap on my tr7 but the dolly engine was rarer and more expensive than the rover v8.

    Have chatted to people at Ricardos (amazed how much work that comany did) and the story is that the first Spen King 16v engines made 150bhp bit of an issue when the V8 made 15bhp more. Then then the triumph 3.0 didn't make that.


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