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  • Was thinking about bike packing the NC500 around Scotland this summer.

    The semi-plan is head up after Glastonbury- so around June 27th/28th (either a terrible idea or a very very terrible idea).

    Leave Tuesday Morning and do a casual 200km back to back before getting the train bike. Maybe even time to throw in a Munro around the Torridon area.

    Has anyone do it ? (Presumably yes). Does anybody have any recommendations for it? I’d really like to use bivvy the whole around and enjoy the auld loch or two for cleaning. The pleasant theme of the holiday is ‘suffering in the Uk’, so I think it’s a good choice.

    My main concerns are the midges will eat me alive. So I was wondering if anyone has advice about that? Maybe just a light weight tent to stay in ? ( also recommendations accepted).

    I’m accepting that the weather will be truly Scottish so hadn’t really planned to pack sun cream. Or maybe water proof sun cream.



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