• This is my uncle's alloy wheel for the TR7. I think they were also used on the TR8 too. And the instrument design work.

  • TR7-TR8 were alike, ish. The TR8 needed different sub frames to run the front ends and rear ends. The real beasts were the 16v homologated rally sprints, they made more power than the v8s and were never produced as even in standard trim the power produced was close to the 3.5 v8. Pitty the wheelbase was short to be competitive.

    The only reason I loved TR7/8 were the pop up lights...pity the rest of the car was so poor.

  • Apparently the Sprint was easily the best TR7/8 variant, and they were going to go into production but they died when Speke was shut down, as this also ended the Dolomite's run, and without the numbers to keep the engine in production the plans were cancelled. About 50-60 prototypes and press cars made it out before the end


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