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  • Public transport is so boring tho, except for the trams.

    Thanks @Ramsaye @Tenderloin for the advice tho.

    I know Kowloon side is much easier and cycle friendly.

  • Trams are ace, did the whole east west route once (Jan 2022). Best 26p I ever spent.

    Green minibuses are fun, especially if you get south side on the windy roads. Lots of wannabe rally drivers do that job.

    Red minibuses are more fun though, there’s a long haired guy who does the route to big wave bay, total maniac.

    The roads these drivers hoon around are also the roads you’ll want to cycle on and they have little regard for you when they come up in you.

    Here’s the road along the south side of the island, it’s a beauty.­=ee131c0145adf8d164180613

  • I didn’t realise this conversation was running across two threads.

    Your talk of minibus drivers has reminded me of the older (80+) guys who drive the school minibuses. An absolute menace on the roads.

    I rode to Shek O about three times a week - I never felt particularly threatened by cars.

  • Oh yeah Im very familiar with that route. I grew up in Stanley but have never once cycled around.

    My grandad would always complain about cyclist slowing down the minibus from him getting to his early morning dim sums.

    That kinda of route I'd do on my roadie.

    I was thinking more of a Brompton, getting around and all. Mostly around central, causeway bay etc.


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