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  • Am I alone in feeling absolute and incoherent rage and despair at knowing I'll never be able to afford a decent house in the city I was born in? I'm really grateful to be on the housing ladder at all, and things will undoubtedly be worse for the younger generation, but I've found it genuinely debilitating recently. I see all these nice terraced Victorian terraced gaffs up for £500k plus and I'll never get close to being able to afford them. And I have a decent job. And a partner. And no kids.

    I genuinely don't understand how people are able to afford those places.

    EDIT: I know this is a bit out of character for this thread but I don't have many places to vent about this stuff and it'd be good to know if I'm not utterly alone on this.

  • Have you thought about giving up Netflix, the gym and coffee?


    Me and my wife were very lucky to buy at the right time (post 2008 crash) in the right area (Peckham). If not I think we'd be in the same position as you.
    We've had no help from parents and funded it all ourselves.
    My younger siblings have only been able to get a house because they live outside of London and even one of those can only afford to rent.


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