• Nice! What are the chances that you won’t stay on for the winter once you’re there?

    Almost zero sadly. The post-Brexit rules, post freedom of movement, mean you are capped to 90 days in any 180 day period.

    I'm actually (probably) eligible for an Austrian passport as part of the Austrian's government WW2 reparations programme. My grandfather and great grandfather were officers in the Austrian army who fled the country (to fight against the Nazis) during Anschluss and apparently this is enough for me to claim citizenship. If our experiments of living in Austria go well, its an application I'll consider making.

  • I just received my German citizenship and passport for similar reasons. Although I already have a long term visa for Switzerland, having that purple passport back does give me an extra layer of security.
    FWIW, the German application was quite smooth as long as you had birth certificates of the relevant people proving lineage.

  • Good to know, thanks. The Austrian embassy in London seem pretty confident about my eligibility but my worry is evidence. I've been pleasantly surprised by how helpful they've been so far though. They seem pretty confident that they will have enough evidence of the situation without us providing too much beyond the basics. Fingers crossed.


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