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  • Anyone experienced with Bloodborne?

    I've dabbled but not played a great deal of it.
    A colleague is always spaffing off about it and I always spaff off about Dark Souls 1+3.
    He has recently beaten DS Remastered, so I am considering doing a BB run to reciprocate.

    I think I struggled with the different build strats than I was used to (always sword+board on 1st runs, shaking it up in the later builds) BUT BB does not have a shield option (well, there is, but not a good one)

    Any tips for a primarily Strength build? Early weapons to look out for? etc.

  • Great game, I ended up building out for the Holy moonlight sword in end game.
    The starting weapon was actually really good for most of it too. IIRC the trick weapons all have a default fast mode and a heavier slow mode.


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