• Fantastic scenery! Would love to do some hiking in SoCal, only done a few hikes up in Yosemite but where you are looks stunning

  • Considering The San Gabriel’s, Santa Monica’s and the Los Padres NF are all so close to Los Angeles, it really is insane how wilderness-y it can feel. I believe the Santa Monica’s are the only mountain range within city limits anywhere in the world that has a big cat population, for example.

    Edit: no, Mumbai does too.

    The Sierra’s and Yosemite are a whole ‘nother ball game though. I actually have a permit to hike Whitney in July which is exciting. Logistically going to the Sierra’s can be challenging now due to permits - which is good - but it takes a lot of planning.

  • Ha yeah it’s nuts it’s just out of town for you!
    Maybe I listen to too much true crime but I just imagine you’d be tripping over murder victims in the LA hills :/


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