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  • That seems like the wrong way for it to have been due to a head on. Usual damage is a kink under the downtube and, sometimes, toptube just behind the lug.

    In which direction was the fork bent?

    I’d inspect around the lugs for any signs of disturbance.

    Frame tubes often have a bit of a ‘pull’ to them, could be that the curvature has always been there and it’s only upon inspection after the crash that you’ve noticed.

    Of course it’s difficult to diagnose over the internet so taking it to a framebuilder for an inspection would be recommended. Winston Vaz is the usual place, or an lbs that does framebuilding maybe Cloud 9?

  • The fork was bent backwards with the wheel touching the downtube so it's definitely not bent in the direction typical of a crash like this (hence seeking some advice on here) - the lugs seem fine and there's no bends or cracks anywhere else.

    You may well be right that it's something I only noticed once I actively went looking for it. Given how anxious a lot of people seem to be about crash damage on things like NJS Export frames (and rightly so) I just wanted to make sure this wasn't something along those lines.

    Really appreciate the advice and will take it to Cloud 9 for a proper look-over
    Really appreciate the advice so thank you


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