• Signed up here just because of this thread, in order to share this my 1990s Dave Yates Diablo. Originally sold as a Pearson, I bought it secondhand in 1995 or thereabouts. Since then the frame has been back to Dave twice for some mods and repainting; last time I had him convert the Pace RC30 forks to Aheadset fitting. Little remains of the original I bought beyond the frame and forks, think the XT cranks are as I bought it, but now runs V-brakes with XTR RapidFire+, XT rear mech; LX front; pretty sure this is the third set of wheels I have had - on the last set the flange came off the front Hope hub on the steep downhill in Richmond Park.
    Sadly sees little use these days but has done a fair few long distance rides like C2C and Way of the Roses.


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